Thursday, December 9, 2010

Projects 2010 - 2011

Projects 2010 - 2011

Project I

School of Philosophy, Religion and Culture

Centre for Cultural studies announces the commencement of the project entitled " The Basic Values of Indian Culture and their relevance to National Integration "
Date of commencement:03.02.2010.
Duration of the project:One year.
Project Head:Dr.Sri Jagannatha Swami
Research Associate:Sri.S.Karthikeyan M.A.M.Phil.(Ph.D)

Selected candidate from the participants of the workshop conducted by the Centre during 7,8 November 2009.

The project will analyze the following hypothesis:
1. Tradition of tolerance, adding to the richness and variety of Indian life.

2. Sense of synthesis reflected in racial harmony, the primary institutions of the village and the family, sculpture, architecture, music and painting, modes of worship, faith in democratic institutions etc.

3. Universal outlook as reflected in views such as 'The world is one family ', ' the world is one nest'

4. Philosophical perspective with its basis in  the unity of creation.

5. Respect for the individual based on the philosophical equation of Atman and Brahman, the soul and the Over soul.

Status: Project completed
To be published shortly.


School of Literature

Audio Book Excerpts from the book "Kaiyoppum" which has won the  Sahithya Academy award for Best Literature in Tamizh for the year 2009.By Kavignar PuviyarasuProject Head:Sri.Aravindhan, Chennai.Date of commencement: 06.02.2010
Status: Completed
To be released shortly.

School of Archaeology


"A Guide to Archaeological studies"
A collection of research articles for guidance in archaeological study Project
Heads: Sri.T.L Subash Chandira Bose and Sthapathy Sri.Raman
Date of commencement: 10.02.2010
Status: working

Project IV
School of Complete Science
The Gene Revoloution
Status: Completed
(To be released shortly)

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