Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Fourth Dimension of Human Thinking....

Fourth dimension of human thinking…
Human thinking is a unique concept. Unlike the other species on the mother earth man is a thinking animal and it is the backbone of human rule on the planet. Man has five sensual perceptions objectively and besides that he has the power of intuition and imagination. Historians classify the pattern of human thinking into three as primitive, medieval and modern. The primitive model of human thinking was only about survival and reproduction. The medieval period emerged as religious thinking and modern thinking is scientific. We can observe an evolution in the pattern of human thinking from this idea. It is obvious that the third dimension of scientific thinking is understood as the highest out of three. What made man to evolve in his intellectual prototype? Is this change is true or not? What are the problems in method of analysis? Of course, these are the some of the questions to be answered fundamentally.
It is the usual model to describe primitive man as a barbarian being. Slowly he learned many refined life styles and started his journey towards supremacy. Is this evolution is complete? If it is so, there should not be any murder cases today. Hence we can justify the evolutional analytical method is insufficient. Man’s thinking pattern has never changed, but the change is superficial. Barbarianism is still in practice today through wars. We cannot call ourselves as evolved beings unless we stop wars. Has science solved all the problems of human existence? Neither science nor religion is complete in this task. This leads to a doubt on change in human thinking as it seems to be only superficial and not at core. Science is not only for making human life more comfortable and there is a great necessity of saving man from self - disaster. Religiosity is not only orthodoxy but the philosophy that leads towards experience and self - realization. The fourth dimension of human thinking might be the amalgamation of Science and Spirituality. When the world wakes up in the dawn without the noise of gun shots, when the ugly corruption is not a profitable focus for the media, when the mother earth dwells in peace and when Global history is not made by individuals, we can confirm the real evolution of human thinking.

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