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CENTER FOR VALUE EDUCATION                       

               Value  Literacy Project


Values are roots of the culture of a nation and guiding principles of life. Values
guard the society from degradation of culture. Human Values are related to divine not to the world. Every one of us is well versed with these values. But we apply them in our practical life with less interest.

A value is a relationship between an individual and the society. In fact values are
the pillars of humanity. Values take more significance. We can understand values in regard to both social and individual. Values are based on ethics. Such ethical values are essential to sustain societies and to generate members to the society with moral qualities. It is important for the nations today to develop character literacy to maintain the Global harmony.

Dr.Sri Jagannatha Swami, a renowned spiritualist and educationist, has developed a project called Moral Globe – Value  Literacy Project in view of promoting global human values among the younger generation.

The Objectives of the Value Literacy Project (VLP):
Real education has to reach man how to live with joy.
The lessons learned in class rooms are forgotten immediately after the student leaves the door steps, today. We expect our children to learn and earn. But equally important is character. The Value Literacy Project is designed as a tool for the development of character. It is not a form of dictation to or brainwash of an individual, but rather to offer him a secure base from which he may take his own moral decision.

VLP gives much importance to character. Without transforming character, packing the brain with information can only result in damaging it. The qualities of unselfishness and discipline, humility and simplicity must become integral parts of the nature of all the students. The object of the project is to establish the unifying human values of right conduct, peace, truth, love and non-violence. It is a critical time, today as the world meets with crimes, racism, violence, lack of the self respect, robbery etc., VLP develops programmes to promote values in young people so that they can pave the basements to build a peaceful society of their own in future with the personal and global perspective.VLP is based on integrated Global secular values and not based on any one particular religion.

Curriculum of the Programme :
VLP offers guidance to those who have the responsibility of teaching young
people. It has the specific objective of contributing physical, mental, emotional, moral and spiritual education through the development of qualities and characteristics such as:

1)    Self - confidence, self- esteem and self discipline.

2)    Communication and analytical thinking skills.

3)    Academic and social skills.

4)    A positive regard for the human rights, life and dignity of all people.

5) Harmonious living within the environment - at the home, the community,
the nation and the world.

6)Increased congruence between positive thoughts, words and actions.

7) Recognition of and participation in the interdependence of the human
family globally and

8) Reverence for the unity of life.

This helps the children to grow their intelligence as well as wisdom and creates
greater awareness of Global living.

The modes of promotions:
The modes of promotion includes,
developing  centers to promote VLP at major cities, formal and non-formal courses for students, special certificate courses for teachers, training programmes for parents,
publication of books, magazines,
audio and video presentations,
Schools with integration of character literacy,
educational tours,
research projects at the Ph.D.levels in Universities,
organizing seminars, workshops and conferences.

Promoters of the Project:

This project is promoted in India by Centre for Value Education, Run by: Shri Lalithambiga Trust, 5/109, Periya Thadgam, Coimbatore: 641 108. Please contact for further details: . Please contact:
Dr.Sri Jagannatha Swami Ph.D., Director, Center for Value Education, Coimbatore, INDIA.Mobile: 09443342601.

Donors an Corporate Partners:

We invite the interested corporates to partner this mission. We also invite broad minded  philanthropists  to extend their generous donation and support.

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