Thursday, December 6, 2012

“Value Based School”

“Value Based School” Certificate
And EHV Scholars Program

The Centre for Value Education Run by Shri Lalithambiga Trust is pleased to announce the launch of its “Value Based School” Certificate and EHV Scholars Program in view of promoting Value Based Education.  The trust would select 6 schools and 120 students in an academic year and award certificates to encourage their involvement in Value Based Education. The centre will conduct an interesting and brain storming quiz program to select suitable students for the award.

Selection criteria for Schools:
1. The schools should be located in and around Coimbatore.
2. The School that promotes value education through any activities based on curriculum or non – curriculum is eligible for the award.
3. The school should help to organize the event at their premises and all the expenses related to the program will be met by the Trust.

Selection criteria for Students:
1.   The total number of 12 students who participate in the quiz program should be selected by the school management.
2.   The selected students will be organized into 3 teams of 4 students.
3.   All the 12 participants will receive the EHV Scholar certificates.
4.   The winning team will receive the “Value Based School” Certificate along with the Principal/Correspondent of the school.
5.   The decision of the conductor of the program who represents CVE is final in regard to all intellectual aspects.

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